And the first-ever Ushur Certified Pros are...

Ushur has been diligently working to launch Ushur University, a training and certification program that not only helps you level-up your skill set, but also enables you to fully utilize the Ushur platform.

Now for the BIG news, drumroll please :drum:

@toshiki and @samuel.muir are the first ever customers to graduate from Level 1 of Ushur University and have formally taken their place as platform experts and trailblazers :boom: ! In addition to fine-tuning their expertise, they also earned the Ushur Certified Pro badge, letting the world know what we already do - that they are absolutely fantastic!

A HUGE congratulations to you both!

Want to join Toshiki and Sam as Ushur experts? Customers & partners can learn more here.


Thank you Leandra! Great to be a part of the community!


Welcome to community Toshiki! Nudge all our Tower friends including Sam to join in! I promise it’ll be a great place to meet other Ushur users!

Thanks Leandra! Good to be here :slight_smile:

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I also want to congratulate @aysel for recently becoming an Ushur Certified Pro as well! The folks from Tower sure are leading the charge here - congrats!! :partying_face:


Congrats Aysel! The Tower team is sure leading the charge, great job! I know some of our other partners are in various phases of the certification process, let’s get them over to be part of this exclusive group @sreeja.vijay :slight_smile: